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    Your Privacy, Our Priority

    Your Privacy, Our Promise!   At Barakah Jobs, your data stays with us. We never share it with third parties. Adjust your visibility settings from your candidate dashboard. Choose to appear to logged-in employers on our job seekers page. Take control of your privacy today. Join us now! #PrivacyPromise #BarakahJobs

    Join over 500 other authenticated candidates from around the world for free now!

     Access our job board, free resources, and much more.   Spread the Word!   Don't forget to share any potential matches. We can't do this without you. 

    Founded in 2021, Barakah Jobs is the first and only job board designed for Muslims to find halal work that prioritizes shariah compliance. Our unique filters, such as segregated workspaces built into the job search and candidate preferences page, clear terms and conditions, and a great emphasis on the shariah have been in place since day one.

    We're not afraid to prioritize your values over potential employers. Our mission is to help you find work that's financially fulfilling without compromising your deen.

    We also prioritize your privacy. That's why only candidates who choose to appear to all employers will. 

    No more compromises - bring barakah to your rizq today! 

     Join us on this journey. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements to the site coming very soon.

     We're currently expanding our employer and candidate base, so please bear with us as we strive to find jobs that truly implement shariah principles in the workplace. Unlike alternatives that are solely jobs Muslim-run companies, Barakah Jobs is dedicated to upholding shariah values.
       We've made a strategic decision to cut back on web scraping and focus on refining our job listings. As a result, you may notice fewer jobs listed on our platform. However, this allows us to ensure the quality and authenticity of each listing, providing you with the best possible opportunities.

     Coming Soon: Amanah Companies   We're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a new feature called Amanah Companies. This feature will further assist us in curating job listings that align with our values and standards.

    Since we're free for candidates, if you believe in this project, you can support us directly through our "Support Us" page on our website.

    Jazakallahu khairan! 

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