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What do we wish to achieve? / Our mission statement

We hope InshAllah with the blessing of Allah that we can be a small part of finding candidates of the Muslim demographic in particular jobs that are Shariah compliant and do not cause the candidates to compromise their values and religion at work.

Whilst allowing employers to find the best candidates for their roles effectively and contribute to providing the aforementioned candidates shariah-compliant workplaces and roles.

All while being a successful and profitable business and being one of the largest job boards in Muslim countries and elsewhere globally in particular countries like the U.K where there is a large population of Muslims but not many corresponding jobs that meet the shariah compliance guidelines.

We hope we can benefit the Ummah and society whilst following the very same principles both collectively as a company and as individuals we are promoting without compromising anything in return in this great deen of ours. This is of the utmost importance to us and me.

Thank you.

How we use your support amount ?

The funds among other things will be used to further develop the website and any ongoing technical maintenance of the site. As well as expenses of the business including office and staff expenditures (software developer, digital marketers, etc.) Wages and advertising are further examples.  

Allah has blessed us to get to where we are so far and thousands of pounds and months of time have been put into the site already by the director. Yet to benefit the ummah by providing jobs and candidates. While being a viable business. We simply cannot carry on further and continue our mission without significant support.