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Sharia, also known as "Shariah" or "Shari'a", is an Islamic religious law that governs not only religious rituals but also aspects of day-to-day life in Islam. Sharia is an Arabic term directly translating to ‘the way’. Sharia is derived from religious precepts of Islam with the Quran and authentic hadith/sunnah being the main points of reference for rulings.

Barakah Jobs is intended to be a global solution so jobs from anywhere in the world whether it be the U.K, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Palestine, Canada, Australia, or even Antarctica (yes we know it is not a country) Barakah Jobs is the place to post and find halal/ shariah-compliant jobs. 

Barakah Jobs has been in development since 2020. We were incorporated in 2021 and officially launched our services in 2022.

Barakah Jobs was intended to be a site that promotes and allows users both job seekers and employers alike to post and find shariah-compliant or halal jobs. Our goal was not to only just produce a job board that was devoid of jobs that involve riba for example but we also have included job filters such as free mixing, accommodation for jummah and prayer breaks, and more Islamic filters. In addition to filters such as visa sponsorship, etc that users can toggle to enable people to find jobs that are not only Halal by essence but also have the right work environment whilst ensuring that they find the ideal role for their financial or logistic needs too.

If there is any issue uploading a C.V, project, etc on the jobseeker side or any other responsiveness issues anywhere on the site simply refresh the page and try again there should not be any problems in the first place but if there is it should be fine after the refresh thank you.
Email us at with a detailed description of the problem and a screenshot (video or picture) and or page link. We will get back to you and fix the issue as soon as we are able to thank you for your patience.
Use our contact page, email in at, or review our Facebook and LinkedIn pages directly the links are in the footer of the site.
Any professional portrait, logo, or selfie is allowed to be posted that is professional in nature and not inappropriate or haram in any way. Any pictures of sisters period with or without niqab/hijab/jilbab, selfies, professional portraits, or any kind of picture are strictly prohibited. If you are found to post any of the previously mentioned pictures you will be warned or face a straight ban at which point no refund will be provided.
If you are banned or removed from the site for breaking TOS you will receive no refund whatsoever. Please read the TOS and Privacy policy thoroughly before signing up as required during the registration process
Send us the user email and name with a detailed report of what transpired or why you believe they are breaking the TOS along with any document, screenshot, picture, or screen recording alongside it as evidence. Once it is brought to our attention we will investigate and take action accordingly as soon as we are able to. Please note though as mentioned in the TOS we are not able to take full liability to govern the site or verify any companies' Islamic compliance although we try to do our best regardless. We rely on an honor system throughout the site. Please follow it.

There are many reasons as to why a company can be Shariah-compliant or otherwise which we can not individually analyze and nor are we qualified to do a detailed report on every company and deem them as shariah-compliant or not. However, generally speaking, these are some basic rules that govern the shariah-compliance of a company or employer Not:

Be directly or indirectly involved in dealing with riba (interest) for example be a lender that gives interest-based loans or be a bank that is not certified as shariah-compliant and again not deal with riba. Please note we screen banks and financial institutions thoroughly as many claim to be Islamic institutions yet still deal in riba in some manner among other things. Banks can also present evidence to us directly themselves to demonstrate their shariah compliance.


Your company must not produce or sell any adult content (pornographic material of any kind) /entertainment that contains haram such as images of women or is promoting, contains haram/music/drugs/alcohol/ insurance/ intoxicants/pork of any kind. Your company must not be involved in gambling or fraudulent work.

You must be a company with a relatively Islamic friendly work environment the details of which you can go into in your job posting and by selecting the right filters.

The previously listed conditions that we made in accordance with Authentic Hadith, the noble Quran, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam his companions and the understanding of the Salaf the best three generations of this ummah must, in turn, be met in order to use this website as said before we can not individually verify the dealings of each company that decides to use this platform or look at every aspect of their business to determine their credibility so instead we rely upon them to be truthful and meet these clear conditions before entering the site.

However, if you come across a company that is not meeting these conditions or blatantly being deceitful in other ways although we can not legally take responsibility for fully monitoring the postings please do report them using we will do our best to investigate as soon as possible.


Even if all of these requirements are made that does not make an employer haram free as they may be other factors inside the work environment or elsewhere in the company or your specific role in the company which may constitute dealing in haram, or compromising your deen in some way.

So again to emphasize even if these basic requirements listed in the TOS are met that does not mean an employer or position is completely Shariah-compliant and does not have any haram included in the role or the environment that could make it either completely haram to work for or if not completely have some aspects that are sinful and compromising to your deen. Therefore we decided to include additional filters for the jobseeker's benefit that also addressed the work environment as best as we could such as separate workspace for men and women et (these are not requirements to post on the site, however). Which employers can select when creating their job postings to help narrow down the right job even further. Yet with everything being said again we can not take responsibility for any governing of the listings this site is just meant to be a guide and an encouragement platform that allows the opportunity for you to find halal work. It is still incumbent on you to do your own research and vet a company and a role yourself before you begin working there to verify for yourself.

our support email:


We go into detail into our TOS which you can refer to by clicking the footer of the page or clicking here.
The TOS and anything else not mentioned within reason can be cause for a ban or removal from the site.
Here are some examples of what is prohibited on the site :

This goes without saying but any inappropriate material of any kind whether a photo or text will result in immediate removal and a ban from the site.

This website relies on an honor system when it comes to posting jobs or content on this platform so we accept all applicants/employers to read this in its entirety ensuring that they use this platform accordingly.

We do not take any responsibility for governing/moderating any post or employer/applicant as we are very small as of now thus hiring moderators and consulting a mufti on every posting is not possible or practical.

Barakah Jobs instead expects every user to be honest and sincere in everything they claim or do on this site. We can not individually analyze and approve every company and are not qualified to do a detailed report on every company and deem them as shariah-compliant or not.

The only thing we can do is as said before asking for complete honesty additionally these clear basic conditions must be met in order to be able to post on this website your company must not; Be directly or indirectly involved in dealing with riba (interest) for example be a lender that gives interest-based loans or be a bank that is not certified as shariah-compliant and again not deal with riba.

Your company must not produce or sell any adult content (pornographic material of any kind) /music/drugs/alcohol/ insurance/ intoxicants/pork of any kind. Your company must not be involved in gambling or fraudulent work.

You must be a company with a relatively Islamic work environment the details of which you can go into in your job posting.

If you wish to delete your account and data please email us at with the email and name associated with the account. We will delete both your account and data as soon as we are able to.

Alternatively you can select the delete profile option on your candidate or employer dashboard.
The majority of banks and financial institutions or vacancies/advertisements from them are strictly prohibited from the platform. Even most so-called Islamic banks although not to the extent of conventional banks are not, in reality, Shariah-compliant and deal with riba or haram in some manner or the other. This is a very technical and long topic that requires in-depth investigation from a person of knowledge/Ilm, especially one well versed in fiqh, particularly Islamic finance to investigate on an individual basis. InshAllah we will write an article/blog or conduct an interview with such an aforementioned person of ilm on the general topic of Islamic banks and what can make them Shariah-compliant or not. Most of these so-called Islamic banks only have a shariah board or council who meet weekly perhaps. Assuming the best the people of knowledge in such boards do their best to verify however they obviously are limited in their knowledge of the actual day-to-day operations and dealings of the institution in a way that an internal department would be in knowledge of. Thus many things whether it be the financial backing, deals, etc that are in fact riba-based in all but a matter of nomenclature pass through the cracks. This is where banks such as Al- Rajhi bank have the advantage as not only do they have a board but an internal Shariah department which overlooks all business dealings and products/services to ensure that they are compliant with the guidelines of Shariah. Allah knows best but Al Rajhi bank to the best of our knowledge is one of the examples of a true/pure Islamic bank that is Shariah-compliant and is, therefore, one such organization that is permitted to our platform. Either way, all Islamic banks are welcome to enquire and after a consultation with a person of ilm and due diligence on our part if we believe you are a fit for the site as in we believe that it is a true Islamic bank. The company will be permitted on our site.

Islamic Banks permitted on the site by default as of now (banks that we have enough knowledge about to believe to the best of our understanding are indeed a pure Islamic bank) :

Al Rajhi Bank

We will continue to add to the above list as we become aware of organizations that are through our own investigations or through evidence provided to us to the best of our understanding seem Shariah-compliant.

The site is not limited to candidates of a muslim background nor is it limited to muslim run employers or companies as long as the company does not go against the rules we have listed to vet to the best of our abilities the shariah compliance of a role or the employer candidates will work for. So people and employers of differing demographics are all welcome to post with that being said.

No, at Barakah Jobs, we prioritize your privacy. Your profile is not visible to employers unless you choose to make it so. You have full control over who can view your profile, ensuring that your personal information remains private until you decide otherwise. We believe in empowering you to manage your privacy settings and make informed decisions about your job search.
Yes, at Barakah Jobs, we take your privacy seriously. We ensure the security of your personal information through strict privacy policies and encryption measures. Your data is stored securely and used only for the purpose of facilitating job searches and matches on our platform. We do not share your information with third parties without your consent. Your trust and privacy are our top priorities.
We welcome your suggestions for compatible companies that align with our values and standards. If you know of a company that you believe would be a good fit for our platform, you can suggest it to us through the "Contact Us" page on our website or by sending an email to Your input helps us expand our network of halal and shariah-compliant employers, creating more opportunities for our candidates. Thank you for being an active part of the Barakah Jobs community!
Yes, Barakah Jobs is completely free for candidates to use. We believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone seeking halal and shariah-compliant employment. Whether you're looking for your next career move or exploring new job opportunities, you can access our job board, resources, and support without any cost. If you believe in our mission and would like to support us, you can contribute directly through our "Support Us" page. Your support helps us continue our mission of connecting individuals with halal and shariah-compliant work opportunities. Thank you for being a part of the Barakah Jobs community!