About Us

About Us

Whether you are a recruiter or a candidate Barakah Jobs is the all-in-one solution for you to find or post Halal / Shariah-compliant jobs. Find the companies that are not only halal to work for but have the right environment through specifically designed filters ensuring you find the job that is right for you.

Either way Barakah Jobs is the platform for you.

What do we wish to achieve? / Our mission statement

We hope InshAllah with the blessing of Allah that we can be a small part of finding candidates of the Muslim demographic in particular jobs that are Shariah compliant and do not cause the candidates to compromise their values and religion at work. Whilst allowing employers to find the best candidates for their role effectively and contribute to providing the aforementioned candidates shariah compliant workplaces and roles. All while being a successful and profitable business and being one of the largest job boards in Muslim countries and elsewhere globally in particular countries like the U.K where there is a large population of Muslims but not many corresponding jobs that meet the shariah compliance guidelines. We hope we can benefit the Ummah and society whilst following the very same principles both collectively as a company and as individuals we are promoting without compromising anything in return in this great deen of ours. This is of the utmost importance to us and me.

No more compromises bring Barakah to your Rizq/job today.

Important Disclaimer

The site is not limited to candidates of a muslim background nor is it limited to muslim run employers or companies as long as the company does not go against the rules we have listed to vet to the best of our abilities the shariah compliance of a role or the employer candidates will work for. So people and employers of differing demographics are all welcome to post with that being said. This website relies on an honour system when it comes to posting jobs or content on this platform so we accept all applicants/employers to read this in its entirety ensuring that they use this platform accordingly.

We do not take any responsibility for governing/moderating any post or employer/applicant as hiring moderators and consulting a person of Ilm on every posting is not possible or practical.

Barakah Jobs instead expects every user to be honest and sincere in everything they claim or do on this site. We can not individually analyze and approve every company and are not qualified to do a detailed report on every company and deem them as shariah-compliant or not.

The only thing we can do is as said before asking for complete honesty additionally these clear basic conditions must be met in order to be able to post on this website your company must not; Be directly or indirectly involved in dealing with riba (interest) for example be a lender that gives interest-based loans or be a bank that is not certified as shariah-compliant and again not deal with riba. Please note we screen banks and financial institutions thoroughly as many claim to be Islamic institutions yet still deal in riba in some manner among other things. Banks can also present evidence to us directly themselves to demonstrate their shariah compliance.

Your company must not produce or sell any adult content (pornographic material of any kind) /entertainment that contains haram such as images of women or is promoting, contains haram/music/drugs/alcohol/ insurance/ intoxicants/pork of any kind. Your company must not be involved in gambling or fraudulent work.


Even if all of these requirements are made that does not make an employer haram free as they may be other factors inside the work environment or elsewhere in the company or your specific role in the company which may constitute dealing in haram, or compromising your deen in some way.

So again for emphasis even if these basic requirements listed in the tos are met that does not mean an employer or position is completely shariah compliant and does not have any haram included in the role or the environment that could make it either completely haram to work for or if not completely have some aspects that are sinful and compromising to your deen. Therefore we decided to include additional filters for the jobseekers benefit that also addressed the work environment as best as we could such as separate workspace for men and women et (these are not requirements to post on the site however). Which employers can select when creating their job postings to help narrow down the right job even further. Yet with everything being said again we can not take responsibility for any governing of the listings this site is just meant to be a guide and an encouragement a platform that allows the opportunity for you to find halal work. It is still incumbent on you to do your own research and vet a company and a role yourself before you begin working there to verify for yourself.

You must be a company with a relatively Islamic friendly work environment the details of which you can go into in your job posting.

The previously listed conditions that we made in accordance with Authentic Hadith, the noble Quran, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam his companions and the understanding of the Salaf the best three generations of this ummah must, in turn, be met in order to use this website as said before we can not individually verify the dealings of each company that decides to use this platform or look at every aspect of their business to determine their credibility so instead we rely upon them to be truthful and meet these clear conditions before entering the site.

One final time for clarity: Although we do not have an official Sharia Supervisory Committee yet we plan on creating one in the near future inshallah as we grow for now however we rely on an honor system and ask that you read the disclaimer before using this site and ensure you agree to all conditions listed in it before using our platform if reported it is likely you will be investigated with the consultation of a person of knowledge if just cause for the complaint is found you could be potentially banned or have your listing removed from the site where in which case no refund will be issued. We have only listed the blatantly obvious conditions of shariah-compliant work for more information please refer to our site in particular the tos, faqs and blogs/articles as we will be adding more relevant literature or videos to help clarify further. Most importantly do your own due diligence/research and consult the people of ilm yourself too.